Touchdown Boy EP

by Touchdown Boy

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This is the first release of New Jersey band Touchdown Boy. It was recorded in late 2010 in guitarist/singer Justin Lombardo's bedroom


released December 27, 2010



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Touchdown Boy Howell, New Jersey

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Track Name: Fuck Up
There once was a boy
there once was a boy
He had a good life ahead that he would soon destroy
A mom, a dad, a sister and friends
How could he let them down
Let them down

And now he is faced face down
In a bathroom stall
Choking in a puddle of his vomit and blood
His family, his family
They will soon find out
What he has become

Because they need you here
Right here and now
They want to hear how you've turned around
So please make there dreams come true

There once was a boy
There once was a boy
But he threw his life away
He just dropped dead
He just dropped dead
But he still roams around every night and day
Track Name: Naboo
You're everything you're trying to be and you're trying to hard to let everyone see.

Its pretty pathetic that this is you and what you want to be.
You're trying to hard to be that person you see on TV.

It seems that i caught you red handed.
But you've been read a long time ago.

I see right through you, and im not the only one to.
And when they leave you high and dry, we wont be there to run to.

Well you're not the first to be a little fake, a poser "try hard" teen.
We have seen this all before. and we are only kids.
Track Name: Wasted
Once a gentleman
Now im walking streets like degenerates
Shit scrapes my mind
Someone please help me find myself
Lost in a place between space and time
Under San Francisco skies

Please tell me
There's light at the end of this
A phone call away
Or should i

Locked myself in a cage, swallowed the key
Crumbling and stumbling over my feet.
I haven't seen the light of day, crusting in my eyes
Take me in, put me out of this misery

Ive got a gun
And i wont hesitate
Ill fire it
Ill fire it right at my brain
Whores, they run the streets
Trying to get there way with me
but I....
I just say "get out of my way"

Who am I?
Where have i been?
Track Name: This Is For Me
This is something inside
A brother hood, I will abide
Side by side, we are all allied
We must take our pride, this has become my life

A point I wont break
A path I must take
I am doing what's right for me

This is for me and my friends
My family they could be proud of me
Cant you agree, this is not hard to see
This is for me and my future
I want to live to see
Always believe and be the best you can be
This is for me

Please give me all the shit you want
Try to tell me that im not good enough
I cant wait to see your wasted face, facing the floor
You and your "boys" yeah you're real "hardcore"
Track Name: Houses On My Hand
Ive burned every bridge I built with this world. Every person Ive befriended has burned with them.

Another day goes by
Another time the sun wont rise
All dignity i used to have vanished with my social ties

In depth conversations with myself are ordinary
Call me crazy
But my wits are all that's left

Ive burned this town to the ground with one tank of gasoline.
Ignited by every lie, every hatchet I buried.
I left it all, I hope it falls almost like my self esteem.
Ignited by every lie, every hatchet I buried.

Ive got more nightmares than Ive slept in this hole Ive been digging, dreading for this time to come.

I own collections
Of sock puppets
that have grown to be my friends
I draw on faces
That look like people
People that I used to know
Track Name: 1988
"1000 more fools are being born everyday"
Greg Graffin sang those words on 1988
I bet he knew what the future was to become
I am minority in a land of greedy scum

I don't make a difference
I cant make a change

We are the voice of the people
That wont be heard
We are the disease of this land of this land of the free
That wont be cured

I could go all day with the rants and the rhymes
The Anti Flag chants and the NOFX lines
But most of the kids that you see now a days
Don't even know who they are

We are the voice, that wont be heard.